How to install third party APK on your Android?

Please follow the instructions which will explain how to install apps which are not on Google Play.

Download APK

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Go to your phone’s Settings


In Settings, go to Security

This can vary for different devices - e.g. ‘Security & privacy’, ‘Lock screen & security’ or similar. For older versions of Android, it could be called Applications.

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Under Security (or Applications), go to Unknown sources

It can also be under More settings, e.g. “Download apps from unknown sources”. Enable installation of apps from sources other than Play Store.


Change the settings

You will see a warning that Installing from unknown sources may be harmful to your device and personal data. Make sure that you download apps only from trusted third party sources

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Install the APK

You will now be able to install the full version of our app APK - locate the file on your device and tap to open and install it.