Frequently Asked Questions

General Instructions

1. Run the app, connect to the internet
2. Wait for test SMS to deliver from our system
3. Get paid automatically for each test SMS you receive from us!

Example of our test messages: Og4gdlg ABCDE
You get automatically paid €0.02 for each received test SMS sent by us.
You will receive SMS tests which have code with random letters or numbers in its content. Besides that the content can include anything, including links. Please ignore completely all our test SMS and do not reply to any of them. We send SMS only in order to check if they have been delivered to your phone and, if so, in what form. Messages get forwarded to our servers after you receive them automatically. Once your balance is updated, please feel free to delete the messages.
You will be paid for each received test SMS. One SMS = 0.02 Euro.
No, we are saving only those messages which contain our code and for which we prove to be our tests. All other messages are dismissed and not being saved anywhere in our system. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.
The reason is that a lot of Telecom SMS providers and Mobile Network Operators need to send SMS test messages to foreign countries to verify and ensure proper delivery of their SMS routes. You actually get paid because we use your phone number to provide such testing services.
Keep the app running constantly and have stable Internet connection. At times Android OS automatically closes some apps so you need to ensure that our app is opened again in such cases. Your main goal is to keep the app always running, our system will see that your phone is available for tests and you will have a greater chance of receiving test messages.
If you didn't find your country during registration it means that Money SMS isn't available in your country at the moment.

Payment issues

It means that we attempted to send the money to your payment address and it has failed. If you are using PayPal, please check whether receiving money is supported in your country: Please change to an alternative payment address and make another withdrawal request.
It is very likely that you either inputted an incorrect payment address or in case of PayPal, you have to accept the payment. In order to do that, please go to "Activity" section, find our payment and click "Accept". If you still experience any further issues, please, contact us.
Currently, we support the following payment systems: PayPal, BitCoin, Litecoin. Please note that we cannot transfer the money to your mobile phone, credit card or bank account due to high transaction fees. IMPORTANT: please note that we will not add any other payment options in the future. Please DO NOT SEND US EMAILS requesting them to be added.
The minimum payment amount is 2 EUR.
If you see in your PayPal wallet Unclaimed payment from MoneySMS, please ‘Accept’ it and choose one of 3 options:
1. Accept the payment and convert it to your primary balance currency (we send money in euro)
2. Accept the payment and open a secondary balance in euro.
3. Deny the payment and return it to the sender. Once one payment is accepted, all future payments will automatically be accepted.
The status “Payment sent” for your withdraw means that we sent money to your wallet. Please check it in your payment system. If you have PayPal wallet you should “Accept” the payment from MoneySMS (find instructions in Why am I being asked to accept or refuse a payment I received? (for PayPal wallets)
We pay within 48 hours after your request in the app.

Technical issues

If you haven't received the message:
1. Ensure that you are logged in and the app works in the background.
2. The symbol of Money SMS in the notifications section shows that the app has "ok" status.
3. Double check if the app can receive SMS, can work in the background and provide with all required permissions in your phone settings.
4. Please ensure that you have a strong internet connection.
5. Be sure that the SIM card is inserted in the same device where Money SMS app is running.
6. Make sure you are not using WiFi-calling - you are unable to receive SMS when there is no network coverage
1. Please make sure that the app is installed on the same phone where you have your SIM and the registered phone number. Ensure that you are logged in and have the internet connection when receiving our test messages.
2. Please ensure that you use a smartphone and not a tablet.
3. Check if all permissions are set to active for our app (such as receiving and reading SMS messages and accessing internet connection).
4. Some other apps which can also receive text messages, such as the ones used instead of default SMS inbox, may prevent Money SMS from reading them. Please check if you may have such apps installed.
5. Please check whether you have the latest app version installed via this link:
6. If it does not help, please try to uninstall your app and install the latest fresh app version from scratch. Please also remember that the balance can update only when your app is running and you have internet connection during the receipt of the message.
"Сonnection problem" indicates that you have bad internet connection.
State error means that there is a problem with your network connection or SIM card and you are unable to receive SMS.
Please go to the first page of our app and click on "Forgot Password".
Enter your phone number and click “Continue”.

Please make sure you enter your phone number in the correct international format, otherwise, you will get an error.
After that, you will receive an email with a link where you can enter your new password.

Please note that you need to specify only your new password.

Referral program

Money SMS referral programs enables you and your friends to earn more money through the app. You can get your referral code from the app and ask your friends to use it during registration. Everyone who uses your referral code will receive a bonus of 0.25 Euro upon registration. On the other hand, you will also receive a bonus - 30% of the withdrawals of your friends will be added to your balance.
You can get your referral code by logging in to our app and clicking on the "Settings" - "Referral program".
Please note that our referral program rewards you with 30% of the withdrawals of your friends. This means that you will earn 30% only when your friends make the first withdrawal and this does not happen immediately upon registration. Your balance will automatically increase when we make payments to your referrals.

SMS Sending

You need to have enough balance for an SMS to be sent.
You will be charged as per your network provider’s rate for an SMS.
We recommend you review your tariff before you enable the SMS Sending feature
to consider using a postpaid phone plan if possible.
Your phone number will be used to test SMS delivery to the mobile networks in your country. Your number will be visible as the sending number to the recipient of the SMS.
You can enable the SMS Sending feature on the main screen of the app, clicking on “How about earning some more?”
Alternatively, you can go to the Settings tab, select SMS Sending and enable sending SMS with the toggle on the top right.
Once the SMS Sending feature is enabled in the app, you don’t need to take any further action. The SMS will be sent automatically by the app, whenever there is a request for such an SMS on our side.
The maximum amount of test SMS per month that we will send using your phone number is 50. 
You will be rewarded 0,15 EUR for each.
We recommend you to stay online at all times to be able to have more SMS sent from your phone and earn consistently.
The sent SMS can have any content, including links. Please note that we will be strictly monitoring the sent SMS to avoid any harmful or illegal content from being sent.
We automatically check whether the SMS was successfully sent from your phone and delivered to the receiver’s phone.
You can ignore all the sent SMS.

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